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Our Motto, our aspiration

We view ourselves as an innovative start-up. We pay close attention to the cautious use of resources. We have a vision of revolutionizing the world of spreads and mobilizing your breakfast. That's why our slogan is: Time for new traditions!

Our product has been in the market since 2018. That means it is still a very young product. Marmetube can impress with being made of 66 percent fruit. Our goal is not to have a sugar bomb on your bread, but to taste the fruit directly.

We want to offer our customers a product that convinces with a sustainable and innovative packaging as well as delightful content. We are a start-up still in the stage of growth and we don't just care about getting big quickly, we want all of our steps to be well thought out and to stay true to our values. Our core values are dealing with customers, suppliers and colleagues respectfully and continuously question existing processes and structures.

Conscious use of resources

We have good reason to put our money on aluminium tubes. Protecting the environment through recycling and reducing waste of food are our top priorities.


Aluminium can be recycled indefinitely. Recycling only uses 5 percent of the energy needed for new production. Recycling works: around 75 percent of the aluminum produced in the last 100 years is still in use today. Since a tube weighs just a fraction of what other means of packaging do, greenhouse gas emissions due to transport on the road are reduced greatly.


Content packaged in aluminium takes longer to expire than with other packaging materials, which is also positive for the environment, since most of the resources are used for the content. Besides, our spread does not come into contact with the aluminium. The recycling rates in Germany can get as high as 86 percent. Other packaging can't show similar advantages for the protection of our environment. This makes the aluminium tube to one of the best recycling materials.

The fruits we use to produce our spread is made from fruits harvested in Europe and produced in Germany. It is important to us, that the tubes don't have to travel for weeks before they arrive on the breakfast table. We want to keep emissions as low as possible.

Best quality through a high fruit percentage

Like every other food product, our Marmetube has to follow strict hygiene standards and monitoring. Nevertheless, our main drive is our own aspiration. We are doing our best for our customers and always keep the quality as high as possible. Fruit makes up 66 Percent of our spread. This means that our tubes contain less sugar than common spreads.

Revolutionizing breakfast

Our aspiration is to bring Marmetube to the breakfast tables of Germany and the world. We want to give everyone the chance to enjoy their breakfast exactly where they want to.


Marmetube makes you flexible - on the road, on a hiking trip, on a tour with your boat, while out camping, in your home or during a picnic in the park - Marmetube can easily be enjoyed anywhere.

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