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Our goal: sustainability


We have good reason to put our money on aluminium tubes. Protecting the environment through recycling and reducing waste of food are our top priorities.


Aluminium can be recycled indefinitely. Recycling only uses 5 percent of the energy needed for new production. Recycling works: around 75 percent of the aluminum produced in the last 100 years is still in use today. Since a tube weighs just a fraction of what other means of packaging do, greenhouse gas emissions due to transport on the road are reduced greatly.


Content packaged in aluminium takes longer to expire than with other packaging materials, which is also positive for the environment, since most of the resources are used for the content. Besides, our spread does not come into contact with the aluminium. The recycling rates in Germany can get as high as 86 percent. Other packaging can't show similar advantages for the protection of our environment. This makes the aluminium tube to one of the best recycling materials.


Our tubes are

made of 100%

recycled aluminum


75% of Aluminium produced to date is still in use


Weight reduction during transport to protect resources and the environment

Less weight, less emissions

Since aluminium weighs much less than other packaging materials, greenhouse gas emissions through transport are greatly reduced. We checked for ourselves - the lid of your average marmalade jar alone weighs just as much as our tube before it is filled. By the way, recycling these lids uses much more energy, since the aluminium used is alloyed with other metals.

Foods packaged with aluminium last longer than those packaged with other materials. This is another advantage for the environment, since most of the resources used are needed for producing the content. So if you throw away a jar still half full of marmalade because it is mouldy, this waste is devastating for the environment.


95% less Energy needed in comparison to the production of new aluminium


Aluminium can be recycled indefinitely without any loss of quality


Aliminium positively affects the sustainable recycling economy

Less germs, longer pleasure

Since the opening of our tube is so small and its content can be squeezed out easily, it is less likely to go bad, so less fruit spread lands in the trash. You don't need to be concerned about your health, the fruit spread never comes into contact with the aluminium.

Our fruit spread is produced from fruits harvested in Europe and is produced in Germany. We want to keep emissions as low as possible, so it is important to us, that our tubes haven't been on the road for several weeks on their way to your breakfast table.

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