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Pasta pudding with Marmetube

Marmetube mit Milchnudeln.jpg


1L milk

200ml whipped cream

350g pasta of your choice

1 teaspoon vanilla sugar

6 spoons sugar

For decoration use cinnamon, sugar, fruits and of course the Marmetube of your choice.


1L Milch⁠
200ml Schlagahne⁠
350g Nudeln deiner Wahl⁠
1 TL Vanillezucker⁠
6 EL Zucker⁠
Zum Verzieren nach Belieben Zimt, Zucker oder Früchte und natürlich die Marmetube deiner Wahl ⁠


  1. Pour milk and cream in a pot and add pasta

  2. Stir the liquid at low heat, watch out to stir constantly and not let anything burn

  3. Add sugar and vanilla sugar as soon as the milk-cream mixture is heated

  4. Keep on stirring until the dish has a creamy consistency

  5. Portion the pasta pudding and enjoy!

Marmetube for this recipe: 

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