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Strawberry tiramisu



400g Strawberries

350g greek yoghurt

150g mascarpone

2 spoons sugar

1 spoon lemon juice

1 pack of vanilla sugar

6 spoons coffee or orange juice

100g sponge fingers


1. Wash and hull strawberries
2. Stir greek yoghurt, mascarpone, sugar, lemon juice and vanilla sugar
3. Chop 300g strawberries and carefully stir them into the mascarpone cream
4. Lay out a form with sponge fingers and drizzle them with coffee (or orange juice)
5. Layer sponge fingers alternating with strawberry and mascarpone cream, then put into fridge
6. Before serving, decorate the dish with the rest of your strawberries and some marmetube

A little hint on the side: If its a time of the year where you can't find any strawberries, you can make the tiramisu with any other fruit of your choice - just use the matching Marmetube!

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